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Vision, Mission, Values

VisionVision, Mission, Values

Our vision is for a rights-based inclusive society for children with disability.



Our mission is to eliminate preventable causes of childhood impairment in developing countries and ensure that children with disability have access to high quality health, rehabilitation, education, and social inclusion programs to enable their equal participation in society.



  • Respect for human rights: We promote ethical and responsible actions in all our activities. 
  • Empowerment: We work to build the capacity, confidence and strength of children with disability and their families so we can work together to achieve a rights-based inclusive society.  We pay particular attention to empower girls and women impacted by disability. 
  • Innovation: We develop innovative solutions to ensure delivery of high-quality and sustainable services that generate large scale impacts. 
  • Effective action: we work to build the capacity of the disability and human services sector to enable the provision of evidence-based inclusive and supports for children with disability and their families. 
  • Integrity: Through our policies, procedures and community engagement strategies we ensure accountability and transparency in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all projects and services.