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Health Alliance Bangladesh

HAB photoWe are members of the Health Alliance Bangladesh (HAB).

The aim of HAB is to provide quality health services and create an environment in which vulnerable groups of people (i.e. people with a disability, people affected by leprosy, people at risk of HIV/AIDS and (expectant) mothers) can be mainstreamed in order to obtain equal access to affordable basic health care.

HAB focuses on increasing access to health services through a sustainable and affordable approach which is implemented by empowering civil society and change agents at the community level and which ultimately contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals.  HAB works in good collaboration and cooperation with the civil society to achieve the objectives.HAB photo1



HAB aims to contribute to:

  • Equally accessible and affordable basic health care;
  • General awareness and effective prevention of sexual and reproductive health problems, HIV transmission, disability- and leprosy-related stigma and consequences of these;
  • Policy and strategy development to establish adequate human resources for a sustainable health system.


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