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Childhood Disability Network

The Child Disability Network (CDN) brings together a variety of organisations into a cooperative network.  All members share a concern for childhood disability and work to alleviate the situation.
Members met in the CDN Conference on 18 August 2005 and agreed to work together.
During 2005 CSF acted on those recommendations and now we are here with a defined program.


Goal of CDN:

To provide medical care and referral services, to establish a right-based society and an
enabling environment in Bangladesh through expertise and information to prevent childhood blindness.



  • To build awareness on childhood eye care and blindness prevention
  • To share expertise, resource and knowledge at domestic and international level
  • To develop organizational and program capabilities
  • To advocate at policy level at national level and work as pressure group
  • To avoid overlapping of the programs
  • To approach donors together for program activities
  • To provide services in public health and nutrition


Area of Activities

  • Primary eye care
  • Inclusive education
  • Community based rehabilitation
  • Early intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Health communication
  • Planning
  • Social mobilization
  • Resource mobilization
  • Research, Innovation and Study
  • Joint Facilitations