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RARE Publications #1

Prevalence of Refractive Errors, Presbyopia and Unmet need of Spectacle Coverage in Sirajganj, Bangladesh: Rapid Assessment of Refractive Errors (RARE) Study


Purpose: To determine the prevalence of refractive error, presbyopia and spectacle coverage in Sirajganj district of Bangladesh.

Method: Rapid Assessment of Refractive Error (RARE) protocol was used to sample participants. A total of 3050 people within the age range of 15-49 years were enumerated and 3043 were available for examination.

Result: The prevalence of refractive error was 4.7% (95% CI: 4.69%-4.71%). Hyperopia(53.5%) followed by Myopia(38.7%) were highly prevalent types of refractive error among the study population. Refractive error was found to be statistically significant with age groups (χ2(4)=127.889, p<0.001). While Myopia and astigmatism appeared to decrease, Hyperopia revealed to increase with age. Spectacle coverage for refractive error was 13.3%(95% CI 5.3-21.3%). The difference in spectacle coverage between male and female participants was not statistically significant (Chi Square test, p=0.098). The prevalence of Presbyopia was 30% (95% CI: 29.98-30.02%). Female had a significantly higher need for presbyopic correction than the male counterpart (χ²=40.091, P<.000). The prevalence of Presbyopia demonstrated to increase with age and it was highly prevalent after the age of 35 years. It was estimated to be 54.3%( 95% CI 53.84-54.76%) and 79.3% (95% CI 78.84-79.76%) for the age group of 36-42 and 43-49 years respectively. In spite of high prevalence, spectacle coverage for Presbyopic correction was very poor. It was estimated to be 3.3%(95% CI -0.6-6%).

Conclusion: This study provides valuable findings to plan effective and appropriate service delivery for refractive errors and Presbyopia which would contribute to achieve the goals of VISION 2020.



Prevalence of Refractive Errors, Presbyopia and Unmet need of Spectacle Coverage in Sirajganj, Bangladesh- Rapid Assessment of Refractive Errors (RARE) Study (PDF 188KB)